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Never give your passwords to anyone, except maybe your trusted grownup.


If your passwords get into the wrong hands you could loose information about you your parents and brothers and sisters.  Keep your family safe and protected never let your password fall into the wrong hands!

Tik Tok

On Tik Tok you can make videos and you choose a sound to sing to.Stay safe and never tell other people your passwords for anything. Keep you safe and your family safe and your brothers and sisters. If they are yonger than you make sure if they go on the internet to tell your parents and family members and tell them to help your siblings and help them with what they are doing. All of us children need to stay safe on the internet!

Safe when playing online

Make sure your playing with friends not strangers.

Accelerated Reader

I recommend  going on Accelerated Reader because it encourages reading and is a great App. Age rating 5+.


Kodu is really fun you get to make your own world and is really creative.You make your own mini games and it could be whatever you would like it to be.You get to choose loads of characters,trees,rocks and more.I would say this is the right age group for 8+ . it is such a good game to learn to code.

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